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We curate projects dedicated to creating a vibrant and sophisticated debate culture in Korea.

Debate Korea organizes multiple projects to help foster interdisciplinary talent and produce well-rounded individuals, including debate tournaments targeting domestic and international university students.


Idea Tournament

Illustrated by events such as 2021 Seoul Youth Policy Debate Tournament, Debate Korea implements an innovative method of debate that deviates from its traditional form, allowing a deeper and more engaging comparative analyses of ideas. 


National and International Debate Tournaments

Since the 2014 Cornell-Yonsei Youth Debate Tournament, Debate Korea has organized several debate tournaments and Model United Nations Competitions including the World University Debate Competition and Korea National Championship.

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Overseas Training and Mentoring

Debate Korea strives to spread an advanced debate culture in Korea by organizing debate tournaments, educational programs, and overseas training and mentoring programs. By partnering with professionals across various fields, we offer university students opportunities to think innovatively and broaden their perspectives.

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Promoting Debate Culture in Korea

Debate Korea is spearheading the expansion of a sophisticated debate culture in Korea through comprehensive educational and social welfare programs encompassing all age groups. These include creating the National Pension Social Issue Debate Podcast, hosting afterschool programs in community centers for elementary school students, and collaborating with KIDA(Korea Intervarsity Debate Association).

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Hosting and Organizing Events

Responsible for the management of Hello NFT!, The Inter-Korean Summit Press Center and many more, Debate Korea is in the forefront of hosting and executing events in Korea, actively contributing to their success.

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