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We hope to create a path to connect Korea and the world beyond language and cultural barriers.

Discover Korea is a non-profit corporation established in 2020 to expand opportunities for international exchange among multinational youth and to raise Korea's status on the international stage

by fostering future diplomatic talents.

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We are engaged in various academic and cultural exchange projects
that aims to improve linguistic ability along with creative and
critical thinking skills that are required to potential leaders
of the international community.


​Global Community

Providing platforms to exchange to people who are interested in international society

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Academic Exchange

Conducting various educational programs to foster future diplomatic talents

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Cultural Exchange

Experiencing different cultures and building consensus

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Global Network

Forming a global network in cooperation with various related organizations

Introduction of our projects

2021 Seoul Youth Policy Debate
2019디코오픈 (17)_edited.jpg
21_0707_WUDC 디베이트 데이_2cam_DSC02249_edite
Korea WUDC 2021
2019케이프타운 (9)_edited.jpg
Debate Korea Open
Capetown WUDC Country's Night
Thailand WUDC Korea Night
21_0707_WUDC 디베이트 데이_3cam_DSC04256.jpg

​Inquiries and sponsorship are always welcomed.

Discover Korea endeavors to create an open community where thought leaders

gather to engage in competitions and dialogues. We need your support to continue our activities

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