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2021 Seoul Youth Policy Debate

2021 Seoul Youth Policy Debate is a competition where young people from all over the country gather to propose their own policy ideas and discuss the effectiveness of policies. The competition was organized by Debate Korea, hosted by Yonhap News Agency and Seoul Institute. It was sponsored by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Yonhap News TV.

This competition provided a groundbreaking opportunity for young people to point out their own social problems and present policy ideas to solve them. Participants wrote their own policy proposals in four areas:

Fair and Coexisting Society, Work and Future, Life and Leisure, and Youth Life Space.

A total of 97 teams participated and 32 teams advanced to finals after the preliminary document screening stage. Elimination rounds were held at Seoul National University and Yonhap News Agency as an offline debate competition. Each team experienced a process of specifying policy proposals through consultation with policy experts at the Seoul Institute.

In addition, 1 million won was provided to the 32 teams that advanced to the elimination rounds.

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, Yonhap News Agency CEO Sung Ki-hong, former presidential speech secretary Kang Won-guk (author of "President's Writing"), Professor Park Hyung-joon (Professor of Sungkyunkwan University's Graduate School of State), Park Won-ik (author of "Not Fair") and Kim Seung-yeon(head of the Seoul Institute), were the judges for the final round.


The champion of 2021 Seoul Youth Policy Debate were given a prize of 10 million won and an opportunity

to participate in the "Seoul Youth Policy Special Advisor" activity to review and advise the city's youth policy.

It was a competition that offered new opportunities to directly reflect the opinions of young people in policies. 

Various ideas have been drawn to gain sympathy and help to many youth.

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