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​ We are steadily growing through
changes and challenges.

Debate is an essential education that expands the understanding of other's position and develops the key attitude in resolving conflicts. Debate Korea team helps people develop logical reasoning and critical thinking skills

through debate to gain basic knowledge and needed qualities.

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We strive to create an open community that thinks outside the box, and to foster creative global thought leaders.
​ I am Sangjin Oh, the Chairman of Discover Korea.


True change comes when you can look at creative ideas logically.

Discover Korea is trying to create an open community where critical and advanced global young leaders gather to talk, compete, and exchange with each other through Korea as a medium. In particular, we are trying to create a platform where various ideas and cultures can be shared to constantly interact and communicate.

Through various efforts, the '41st 2021 Korea World Universities Debating Championship' has been successfully hosted, with more than 2000 participants from 90 countries all aound the world. Also, we have continuously hosted events to foster global youth leaders, including the ‘2021 Seoul Youth Policy Debate’ and ‘2022 Korea Economics Olympiad.

We now would like to present the Korean Language International Debate Championship (KOLIC) that has been prepared for several years in line with raising the global status of Korea. I believe that the voices of young generations, who are interested in Korea around the world, will play a key role in showing the world the potential growth of Korean language, Korean contents, and Korean culture.

We sincerely ask for your warm support so that Discover Korea can constantly contribute to society through global public diplomacy.

Thank you.

Chairman, Discover Korea, Sangjin Oh.

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We strive to create an open community through debate.
I am Seokho Daniel Yoon, Secretary General of Debate Korea.



Over the past 10 years, encompassing more than 20 countries, we have experienced firsthand advanced debate cultures around the world. Through this process, we realized the limitations of a rote-based education system in Korea and resulting lack of effective communication in society. As a member of the Cornell University Debate team as a full-time debater and later as a coach, I was convinced that this level of systematic communication and discussion culture should also be fostered in Korea. With that goal, I founded Debate Korea as a non-profit organization in 2016.


Based on the experience of learning and teaching global debate education, We are putting all our efforts to also form an advanced debate culture in Korea, in line with the great social changes and the trends of the times that the world is experiencing.


Debate Korea is contributing to developing potential youth leaders suitable for the global era and creating a more mature society with active communication through the enhancement of the overall debate culture. For Korean youth, we will provide opportunities to cultivate creative perspectives through continuous global exchange by bridging the world together.


We will do our best to represent and promote Korea to the world.

Secretary General, Debate Korea,  Seokho Daniel Yoon

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