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Idea Tournaments

Idea Tournament is a competition in which participants present their ideas, engage in discussions with other teams, and develop their ideas based on the feedback they receive. Starting with the 2021 Seoul Youth Policy Debate Tournament, Debate Korea implemented idea tournament format in Korea. It aims to produce innovative solutions for society by enhancing participants’ creativity, logical thinking abilities, and communication skills through expert workshops. Continue reading for more information on the tournament.


Former KB Solveathon

Hosted by KB Financial Group and organized by Debate Korea, it was the first tournament to be held in Korea. After a preliminary review of various proposals, the best solution is chosen through several rounds of debates and discussions.
At the tournament, contestants collaborated to develop strategies to create social value and fulfill KB Financial Group’s mission, “Financial service delivering changes.”


National Assembly Idea Tournament

The 2023 National Assembly Idea Tournament is an event empowering the youth to diagnose and tackle social issues. Taking place on July 1-2 at the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, the Solveathon stands apart from traditional competitions as it fosters cooperation rather than one-sided idea presentations. Participants will collaborate with National Assembly Members and their staff to receive practical legislative mentoring, promoting mutual growth and the development of concrete solutions. 


National Pension Service(NPS) Workshop

The 'National Pension Seoul Northern Regional Office Workshop,' held on April 6th, 2023, was organized as part of the 'Pension Enthusiast Training Project.' This initiative was designed to educate employees and improve negative perceptions of pensions, particularly as skepticism in pensions among the youth continues to grow.


The 2021 Seoul Youth Policy Debate Tournament 

The 2021 Seoul Youth Policy Debate Tournament was a competition for the Korean youth to propose policy ideas and discuss their effectiveness. This tournament was organized by Debate Korea, hosted by the Seoul Institute, and sponsored by Seoul and Yeonhap News Television. This tournament allowed young minds to identify various issues in Korean society and present original policy ideas to solve them. 

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