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Cornell-Yonsei Online Debate Camp

We invite you to the first online debate camp hosted by Cornell University, Yonsei University, and Seodaemun-gu.

  • Who are the mentors?
    Mentors will be selected from highly accomplished and experienced debaters from Cornell University’s debate society (Cornell Speech and Debate Society), Yonsei University’s debate society (Yonsei Underwood Union) and other distinguished universities.
  • What is the registration process?
    The registration process is as follows: Registration form submission -> 1-minute self-introduction video submission -> Payment Your registration is complete once you submit the 1-minute video, and finalized once you have made your payment. There are no placement tests.
  • How do I submit my 1-minute introduction video?
    To submit your 1-minute introduction video, upload your video onto YouTube and reply to the registration form submission email that you will have received after submitting the website registration form. The video deadline is until July 18th 12:00pm (KST).Please take note that uploading your video as “unlisted” will allow only those with the link to access and view the video. This is different from “private”, which allows only invited accounts to access and view the video. Naming format: Part#_Name_Grade_1min Intro VideoPrivacy settings: Unlisted*Please ensure that registration will be canceled when the video is not submitted until deadline.
  • Does registration happen on a FCFS?
    Yes, we will take registrations on a First Come First Served with respect to the registration form submission date and time.
  • What happens if the number of people who registered exceeds our maximum capacity?
    Registrations beyond our maximum capacity will be waitlisted. You will be notified of your waitlist status via email. Waitlisted students must submit their 1-minute introduction video no later than 12:00 pm (KST) on Saturday, July 18, 2020 to complete their registration and remain on the waitlist. Waitlisted students will be contacted when registered students drop out. To secure your opening, please make your payment within the 24-hour window that the email indicates. Refund policies for waitlisted students are identical to the refund policy for registered students.
  • When is the payment deadline?
    The payment window is between July 20th and July 22nd 11:59pm KST. Extended registration payment is until July 31st 6:00pm KST. Details and payment instructions will be released via text and email to those who have completed both steps of registration -- the online registration form and the 1-minute introduction video submission. Please take note that your registration will not be finalized if you do not make your payment until the deadline, and we will have to pass on your secured spot to a waitlisted student.
  • How does the refund policy work?
    [Part 1] Students registered for Part 1 can get a refund of their full payment if requested via email before 12:00pm on Friday, July 24, 2020 KST. A partial refund of 550,000 won will be made for students who request for a refund before 12:00pm on Sunday, August 2, 2020 KST. Refunds are unavailable once the camp begins. [Part 2] Students registered for Part 2 can get a refund of their full payment if requested via email before 12:00pm on Friday, July 31, 2020 KST. A partial refund of 550,000 won will be made for students who request for a refund before 12:00pm on Sunday, August 9, 2020 KST. Refunds are unavailable once the camp begins.
  • Do students have to have exceptional English skills to participate in the camp?
    Part 1, the Intermediate Level, is targeted towards students who are new to the world of speech and debate. Students will have no difficulty in participating if they are able to carry out conversations with foreigners or native English speakers. Part 2, the Advanced Level, is targeted towards students who wish to enhance their debate or improv speech skills. Students who are fluent in English or have prior debate experience will benefit most from this session.
  • What grades are eligible for registration?
    Grades 7 to 11 are eligible for registration.
  • What do I do if I am not eligible for registration because of my grade?
    Even if you do not meet the eligibility (grade) requirements, the camp organizing committee and mentors may give exceptions after assessing your self-introduction video.
  • How many students are in one class?
    Each class will maintain a 6:1 student-to-mentor ratio. Students will be assessed and grouped based on their 1-minute introduction videos.
  • What textbooks/material will students be using?
    Course material will be designed by the Cornell Speech and Debate Society coaches. This material will be provided as a PDF file, so students will be able to access it even after the camp ends. Please have a printed copy of the course material ready for use during the camp.
  • Will students only be using English?
    The camp consists of English speech and debate lectures and practice, so students will be using English.
  • Can students who are currently participate abroad?
    Yes. However, the camp will be held at KST convenient hours, so please take note of the time difference and make sure that you are available for those hours.
  • Will I receive a certificate of participation?
    You will receive a certificate of participation signed off by the Head of Yonsei University’s Institute of Language Research and Education if you have attended at least 80% of the sessions. Certificates will be mailed to your address along with gifts, or provided as a PDF file for participants living abroad.
  • How are mentors structured?
    Mentors are composed of Cornell University debate team, Yonsei University debate team, and debaters from prestigious universities.
  • What is the application process? Do you take the exam?
    The application process is 1) Fill out the application form → 2) Receive a one-minute self-introduction video → 3) Deposit When filling out the application form, it becomes 'Application for Participation', and when a one-minute self-introduction video is received, 'Application Completed' becomes 'Application Completed'. There is no separate exam.
  • How do I submit a one-minute self-introduction video?
    To receive a one-minute self-introduction video, upload it to YouTube as 'unregistered' after shooting. After uploading, you can reply by attaching the link to the application completion email. The video submission deadline is Saturday, July 18th at 12:00 noon. Among whether the video is public, 'public' is a video that is open to everyone, 'private' is a video that can only be viewed by the person who uploaded it, and 'unregistered' is a video that can only be viewed by those with a link. Video Title: Part#_Student Name_Grade_1 Molecular Machine Introduction VideoDisclosure status: Unregistered *If the video is not received within the specified period, it will be processed as unselected.
  • Is the application for participation on a first-come-first-served basis?
    Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and are based on filling out the application form.
  • Is it possible to apply after the capacity is exceeded?
    Applicants who exceed the capacity will be placed on a waiting list. An e-mail is sent to the waiting people that they have been accepted as a waiting list, and the waiting people must also submit a self-introduction video by 12:00pm on Saturday, July 18, 2020 to complete the application. If the existing applicants are not selected, the waiting list will be passed sequentially, and notifications will be sent individually via text message and email. Deposits must be made within 24 hours of arrival, and the same refund policy applies to those on the waiting list.
  • When is the camp fee payment due?
    The camp fee payment period is from Monday, July 20th to Wednesday, July 22nd, 23:59pm. The payment period for additional applications is Friday, July 31, 6:00pm. Detailed information on deposit will be notified via text message and email after the application deadline after completing the application form and receiving a one-minute self-introduction video. Please note that if the deposit is not completed, the application will not be completed.
  • What is the refund policy?
    Part 1 will be refunded in full if canceled by 12:00pm on 7.24 (Fri) and 550,000 won excluding the application fee if canceled by 12:00pm on Aug. 2 (Sun). Refunds are not possible after the camp start date, 08.03 (Mon). For Part 2, if you cancel by 12:00pm on July 31st (Fri), you will receive a full refund. Refunds are not possible after the camp start date, 08.10 (Mon). *Cancellation time is based on the time the cancellation email is sent. If you have applied for both parts 1 and 2, follow the refund policy for each part. ex) i) When applying for a refund on August 1st, 950,000 won will be returned excluding the 50,000 won application fee.ii) When applying for a refund on 08.03, part 1 is non-refundable, so 500,000 won will be returned.
  • Can only children with high English proficiency apply?
    Part 1 of Intermediate level is for students who are just starting out in debate and speech, so it is good for students who can communicate in English and want to communicate with foreigners or native speakers.Part 2, which is an advanced level, is for students who want to learn more improvised speech or English discussion, so it is recommended for students who have good communication skills in English and have debating experience.
  • Up to what grade can you participate?
    The target audience for the camp is middle and high school students.
  • Can I apply if I am not in the participating grade?
    If you are not in the target grade of this camp, you will be eligible to participate in the camp based on a one-minute self-introduction video at the discretion of the Cornell Yonsei camp management and mentors.
  • What is the composition of the class members?
    It consists of a total of 6 students, and class assignments are divided based on the one-minute speech video sent to you.
  • What textbook do you use?
    In accordance with the curriculum used by the Cornell University Debate Team coach, the textbooks will be self-produced by mentors including the Cornell University Debate Team and Yonsei University Debate Team. It is provided in PDF format so you can use it even after camp.*Please print the textbook before the camp starts.
  • Will children actually speak only English?
    The camp will be conducted in English with speech and discussion, so English is mainly used.
  • Can overseas students participate?
    Students residing abroad are also welcome to participate. However, since the camp is conducted in Korea time, you must consider the time difference.
  • Do you have a certificate of completion?
    A certificate of completion is issued in the name of Yonsei University Language Education Center when the camp attendance rate is 80% or higher. In addition, a souvenir will be sent along with a certificate of completion to the address written on the application form, and in the case of overseas residents, it will be provided as a PDF file.
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