Module 1: Tracking a Debate

In this module, we discuss the most fundamental skill of being a good judge: tracking or note-taking.

The theory video for this module covers some broad principles that you should consider when designing your personal good tracking style.

When learning how to be a better judge, we think it's helpful to see what best practice looks like, and tracking is no different. We've asked three experienced judges to share how they approach tracking, and to provide a practical demonstration for you to refer to.

Each of our guest judges has prepared a short video explaining their method. They've also tracked the same top-half debate and shared their notes. That way, you can see how different judges can use different approaches to track the same debate.

You don't have to adopt one of their approaches wholesale. Instead, you can mix and match elements of each of their styles to find something that works well for you. You can also try tracking the same debate that they did, and compare your notes to theirs. 

Judge 1: Jessica Musulin

You can find Jessica's notes here.

Judge 2: Boemo Phirinyane

You can find Boemo's notes here.

Judge 3: Yair Har-Oz

You can find Yair's notes here.

Some questions...

We believe that a good training programme should, wherever possible, be a conversation. At the end of each module, we want to answer some commonly asked questions from the community. By sharing these answers on this page, we hope that your questions (and our answers) will make this resource even more useful over time.


We are also considering giving formal credit for those that will watch all the videos i.e. newer WUDC judges will get to claim a completion of the series as part of their CV for WUDC. Many judges do not come from established circuits or have access to the ample opportunities that come from being in such a circuit.


A certification can serve as an equaliser for those that have fewer chances to participate in tournaments and judge with highly trained adjudicators. Completing the assessment pieces for each module will contribute to our formal credit/certification scheme once it is finalised.

The assessment exercise for this module on judge tracking can be found here.

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