Korean Food & Culture

As much as debater are logical and rational, we know that deep down in their hearts, the number one reason for participating in international tournaments is the amazing and exotic cuisine. Korea has a well-established tradition when it comes to food. Our dishes are freshly made with natural ingredients and flavors range between sweet and savory to occasionally tangy from the extra chili. Royal court cuisine, a delicacy once exclusive for those inside the palace is also a popular option for visitors. Even pre-tournament anxiety cannot keep you from trying these; they will be irresistible. But then what is a good, meaningful tournament without drinks to keep you sane? In Korea you will be able to enjoy traditional liquors including rice wine(막걸리) and Korean vodka(소주). And no worries- ‘Hangover Soup’ has you covered for the next day. Be prepared to eat throughout the day and drink the night away! We will be there to feed you; that’s what we are hired for.


Korea is a fascinating country. It is where traditional tranquility meets dynamic modernity; where you are able to see skyscrapers peering over the colorful roofs of Hanok (traditional Korean house). It does not matter, whether you are at one of the 12 World Heritage Sites or the breathtaking DDP; you’re bound to capture memories worth keeping for a lifetime. A stroll through one of the ancient palaces or national arboretums is a great option if you’re looking for something to learn. The avenues of Myung-Dong or Gangnam are great places to go shopping or find a pretty café to relax and pose for pictures. Karaoke after a drink at a random bar is an antidote for stress from debate face-palms. Thanks to well established security and night patrol, it is also very safe so the fun continues throughout the evening, because night never sleeps in Korea.