Adjudication Core

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Chief Adjudicator: Dan Lahav (Tel Aviv)

Dan Lahav is a WUDC Open Best Speaker, Open Semi Finalist, and a member of the top breaking team (Open & twice ESL). He is an EUDC ESL Champion, an Open Grand Finalist, 2nd ranked Open Speaker, twice the Best ESL Speaker and twice a member of the top breaking ESL team. Beyond Euros and Worlds, Dan has won over 20 tournaments including being the champion of the HWS Round Robin and the Cambridge IV, and has been the Best Speaker of over 20 competitions including the Oxford IV (Open & twice ESL) and the Cambridge IV (twice Open & thrice ESL).

Perhaps more importantly Dan has been a member of over 35 CA teams around the world including the Tallinn EUDC 2017, Hanoi Asian BP, HWS Round Robin, Cambridge IV, Oxford IV, China BP, Seoul Open, IIT Bombay IV, Red Sea Open, Paris Open, Budapest Open, Moscow Open, Hanoi ABP 2018 and many more. He will be serving as a DCA at Cape Town WUDC 2019, and as a Co-CA at Panama Pan Americans 2019 and at Athens EUDC 2019.


Deputy Chief Adjudicator: Mubarrat Wassey (IIUM)

Mubarrat Wassey is a 3 time Open Octo- finalist at WUDC and the ESL Best Speaker in 2014. He is also an Australs Open Champion and Best ESL Speaker 2016, ABP 2016 Champion and two times best speaker, two times UADC Champion and Best Speaker 2016, Cambridge IV Open Champion and Best Speaker 2016, Oxford IV 6th Best open speaker and Best EFL Speaker, and Malaysian Nationals Best Speaker 2016.
Mubarrat was also Co-CA of Hanoi Asian
BP 2018, DCA of Bandung UADC 2018, Malaysian Nationals 2018, Malaysia Debate Open 2016, and will be serving as CA of
Bali Australs 2019. He was also the 2nd Best Adjudicator at Krabi Asian BP 2017 and the Open Grand Finalist Adjudicator at Solbridge Australs 2015.


Deputy Chief Adjudicator: Bobbi Leet (Stanford)

Bobbi Leet is an Open Finalist and 8th Best Speaker at Mexico WUDC 2018, and Open Finalist and Best Speaker at NAUDC 2017. She is has reached the finals of the Yale IV three times (2015, 2016, 2017) and was twice top- three speaker. She has also excelled at the US University Debating Championships where she reached finals twice and was top ten speaker both times in 2017 and 2018. She is an HWS Round Robin 2018 Finalist and 4th speaker. She has her own share of Adjudication Core experience as she was the CA of Oxford IV 2018, Yale IV 2018, NAUDC 2018, and Oxford Women’s 2018.