Workshop Sessions

We provide training sessions and workshops to teach people argumentation, public speaking, and critical thinking skills.


Undergraduate Workshop Session

First, we teach students international debating styles so that they may maximize their better understanding and have the maximum skills to become highly qualified debaters.

Second, we provide various debate motions that students can prep and debate upon and also give lectures from highly qualified debaters so that they may learn how to best debate.

Third, we hope that this workshop can further encourage young debaters to develop their skills and become the next world’s debaters.


National Pension Services Debate Podcast

First, we have partnered with NPS so that we can create a platform where young and old generation can come together to discuss and debate about societal issues.

Second, we discuss societal issues such as employment, pension services, and the increase of aging population between the young and the old generation to further understanding and exchange various ideas.

Third, we hope that this program can increase more empathy and understanding between the generations about societal concerns and issues.