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19-21 July, 2019
Hosted By: Debate Korea
Convener: Seoyoung Han
CAP: Seokho Daniel Yoon(CA), Jasmine Ho(DCA), Bobbi Leet(DCA), Sooyoung Park(DCA), Leeroy Ting(DCA)
Venue: KINTEX Convention Center
Tournament Hotel: GLAD Hotel Yeouido
Sponsors: AirAsia, Korea Tourism Organization, KINTEX

*Form is open until Friday, July 5, 2019 10:00 PM (GMT+9)


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This will be the name recorded on tabulation and certificates
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Transportation (Optional, for domestic participants)
We will be providing free shuttle bus from GLAD Hotel Yeouido to our venue, KINTEX. Please note that you must be present at the designated time(TBA via FB).
Arrival and Departure
Orgcom members will be present at the airport to assist you with purchasing bus tickets to the hotel
Arrival Date
Arrival Date
Arrival Time
Arrival Time
Departure Date
Departure Date
Departure Time
Departure Time
Accommodation Information
Hotel: GLAD Hotel Yeouido We provide accommodations for all participants of Debate Korea Open. Participants will stay at GLAD Hotel located in Yeouido, the financial center of Seoul. The hotel guests are conveniently connected to the cultural and business hubs in Gangnam, Yongsan, Jongno and Mapo by subway, bus or taxi. For participants’ convenience, 2-way bus to and from Kintex(the main venue) will be provided during all three days of the tournament.
Domestic Participants Accommodation Request
Domestic participants can sign up for accommodation for 60,000 KRW per night (we will collect the accommodation fees on 7/19)
International Participants Accommodation Extension
Accommodation is provided for international participants for the duration of the tournament (7/19 Check-in 7/21 Check-out), unless requested otherwise. You can extend your stay for 60,000 KRW per night (we will collect the fees during check-In). Please contact us if you wish to extend your stay for more than two days.
Room Preference
The default of our accommodation is triple room. IF YOU WISH TO CHANGE YOUR ROOM STATUS, PLEASE CHECK SINGLE/DOUBLE ROOM ACCORDING TO YOUR PREFERENCE. This applies to all participants, including invited participants and those staying until Cornell-Yonsei Invitational. You may change your room into a: - Double Room for additional 20,000 KRW per night per person - Single Room for additional 50,000 per night per person (We are going to collect extra expenses on the first day of Seoul Open, July 19th)
You will be housed with 3 people. Please indicate if you have a roommate preference. However, we cannot guarantee that your preference is reflected.
7/22 Seoul Excursion
Seoul Excursion is sponsored by Korea Tourism Organization. It provides a unique opportunity for all participants to explore Seoul while mingling with other debaters! We will visit popular tourist attractions in Seoul, with a perfect balance traditional and modern Korean culture.
Date & Time: July 22nd, 9am-6pm (tentative) Participation Fee: Free (covers transportation, and admission fee to attractions) Specifics will be announced via Seoul Open facebook page. We highly encourage both international and domestic participants to sign-up for the excursion and make unforgettable memories in Seoul with us!
Novice Category *
For this year's Seoul Open, we have added Novice League in order to accommodate new, fresh debaters from all around the world. There is going to be a separate Novice League break, so if you belong to Novice category, please indicate it here. Eligibility to break in Novice League is if both debaters are novice speakers. Novice League Standard: 1. Never broke in any type (AP, BP, Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum, etc) of intervarsity level English debate competitions, EXCEPT tournaments that are for rookie/novice debater or debate training workshop -EFL/ ESL breaks of institutional tournaments will be considered as a break 2. Broke in no more than once in any type (AP, BP, Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum, etc) of student level (middle/high school) English debate tournaments
Vegetarian/Vegan/Halal etc.

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