Tournament Overview

A Review of Seoul Open 2017 


debate korea week

Your debate experience doesn't stop here. Along with Cornell-Yonsei Debate Invitational, we bring a week full of debate activities and camraderie


Chungang university, centennial hall

Chung-Ang University Centennial Hall is one of the largest single-department college buildings in all of Asia! No more dark and crowded hallways during prep time - a well-lit and spacious lobby will be available for debaters to come up with brilliant extensions during the tournament. 

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glad hotel, Yeouido

A premium boutique hotel located across the National Assmebly, has partnered with Seoul Open to extend their hospitality and service to all participants of Seoul Open. Breaknight Party is catered by GLAD hotel. Light finger food and non-alcoholic beverages. The event will not service any alochol as there are under-aged participants.