27 December 2020

  • Arrivals

  • Pre-Tournament Workshops

  • Welcome Drinks

28 December 2020

  • Pre-Tournament Workshops

  • Masters and Public Speaking Preliminary Rounds

  • Tournament Briefing

  • Opening Ceremony. This is a formal event where the organizers present the city, the sponsors and the volunteers of the event

29 December 2020

  • Preliminary Rounds 1-3

  • Training Workshops

  • Socials

30 December 2020

  • Preliminary Rounds 4-6

  • Training Workshops

  • Women's Night. An engaging and entertaining evening which aims to promote the participation of young women in debating, and raise issues regarding inclusivity in academia, the workplace, and society at large

31 December 2020

  • Preliminary Rounds 7-9

  • Break Night. On New Year's Eve the announcement of the teams that proceed to the elimination rounds of the Championship will take place.


1 January 2021

  • Council Meeting
    Excursions. Participants will have a chance to explore the tourist attractions and cultural heritage, on their choosing.

  • For participants who choose to stay behind, there will be a programme with a local charity.

  • Next Host's Night. The next host of WUDC will provide a taste of the experience they are preparing for 2022

  • 2 January 2021
    Open Partial Double-Octo-Finals

  • ESL Quarter-Finals

  • Open Octo-Finals

  • EFL Semi-Finals

  • Open Quarter-Finals

  • Masters and Public Speaking Finals Party

3 January 2021

  • ESL Semi-Finals

  • Open Semi-Finals

  • EFL Grand Final

  • ESL Grand Ginal

  • Open Grand Final

  • Championship Dinner and Awards the Grand Finals followed by the Closing Ceremony will be a fitting epilogue to the 2021 Worlds University Championship. This is a formal event including keynote addresses from prominent speakers.

4 January 2021

  • Free Day

  • Departures