Introducing Debate Korea

A non-profit organization established in 2013, Debate Korea has been invigorating debate education inside the Korean circuit. We provide educational platforms where various ideas can be exchanged through our unique debate curriculum. We also hold accessible debate tournaments to spread a culture of discourse amidst disagreement and criticism. Debate Korea will continue to manifest its commitment in bringing tangible changes to the Korean debating scene, leading an active, vibrant and healthy democracy.

Debate fosters critical thinking and effective communication. Always pushed to make arguments, debaters learn to articulate thoughts through reasoning, to add a layer of reality with examples, and to strengthen logical insights. Rebuttals and Points of Information constantly challenge every idea throughout the debate. Debate enhances confidence and social consciousness; being exposed to diverse perspectives encourages to tolerate, respect and actively face disputes instead of avoiding them.



We aim to bring innovation by encouraging to think outside of the box when solving any problem. Debate is a powerful tool with which individuals can expand their boundaries of thoughts amidst constant engagement and interaction with others, as well as to academic and career opportunities. We will bring an interconnected world through debate, where differences are acknowledged, discussed, and resolved.

We bring more international debate tournaments to the Korean and the greater Northeast Asian debate communities to expand, develop, and empower them. In doing so, we aspire to become a platform for all members of the community to develop their skills without being bound to financial and environmental limitations.

10th floor,128, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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