Debate Korea

Empowering teachers and students for a brighter future. 

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Supporting education and innovation.


Debate Korea Week

An annual event full of debate opportunities, workshops, and competitions for both domestic and international students of all academic levels. The week consists of Seoul Open, a British Parliamentary format debate tournament for university-level students, and Cornell-Yonsei Debate Invitational, a domestic World-schools format debate tournament with a highly qualified international adjudication pool.

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International Tournament

We host tournaments for debaters from all academic levels ranging from middle school, high school, and college. To make further effective use of our existing infrastructure and to provide the debate platform to more debaters, we also consult and assist tournament organization for domestic and international institutions in the greater Asian region.

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Spreading Debate Culture

Spreading the culture of debate can happen in any setting, from large academic conferences to podcasts. We have collaborated with institutions to bring fruitful discussion and meaningful change to the general public. We hope to expand our existing relationships with various institutions to bring a new era of debate education.

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Education and Training

We provide workshops, educational programs, and training sessions to teach young people - from underprivileged youths to novice debaters to winners of international tournaments- argumentation, public speaking, and critical thinking skills.

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Biggest international BP tournament in Korea. Hosted at Yonsei University, Seoul from 16th to 18th of July, 2018