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We hope to spread debate culture throughout the Korean society through various educational programs and supporting the operation of events.

Debate Korea implemented programs such as the National Pension Service's New Middle-aged Youth Social Issues Debate Academy to promote debate culture in Korea and supported the operation of various events such as

MBN Y Forum and the Press Center for the Inter-Korean Summit etc.


Yonsei Debate Open (YDO) Seminar

Yonsei Debate Open (YDO) is a competition that was started to create open communication at Yonsei University and give a chance from freshmen to all grades to discuss about various topics.

Through this competition, Yonsei University students participated in the competition as judges and organizing committee, and learned not only the general content of debate rules and logic, but also the strategies and judging knowledge used in actual debate competitions.

Debate Korea held an open seminar, a public debate education for all audiences, and debating education for both debaters and adjudicators who participated the Yonsei Debate Open.


National Pension Debate Academy

New middle-aged and young generations gathered to make an atmosphere of communication where they could discuss the sustainability of the national pension, youth employment, low birth rate, aging society, gentrification, housing, etc. Through the Social Issues Debate Group, we encouraged people to participate in the policy process, improved public service delivery methods centered on consumers, gave people a sense of accomplishment through upward participation and increased public confidence in national administration.

About 20 new middle-aged participants, 30 university students, and 10 officials from the National Pension Service had a meeting once a week to hold expert briefings and discussions.

2020DKIDKF (9).JPG.jpg

Intervarsity Debate Association, DKI/DKF

The DK Institution and DK Fellows program encouraged college students to broaden their horizons, practice logical speech and become a member of the English debating community comprised of more than 20 universities. Not only lectures regarding debate techniques such as basic discussion skills and interpretation of the thesis took place, but there were also lectures based on a wide range of themes covered in parliamentary debate such as economics, feminism, and media. After each lecture, members analyzed the discussion topic in detail, and practiced diversifying their thoughts backing them up with logical supporting ideas.

DKI is a member of the Korean Intervarsity Debate Association (KIDA), and KIDA is actively engaged with debate societies from 12 different universities. 


Guro-gu Social Welfare Center After-School Class

Lecturers from Debate Korea and college students majoring in social welfare taught after-school debate classes at

Guro-gu General Social Welfare Center for two hours each week. Teachers conducted classes based on debate procedures, forms, and key topics.

Classes discussed topics such as the definition of a nation, components of a democratic society, and globalization in the status quo. Diverse debate education was provided to broaden the perspective toward global issues.

Through this project, Debate Korea opened a gate to reduce the educational gaps among different income groups, and to lower entry barriers in daily life discussions by providing debate education.


MBN Y Forum Operational Support

Debate Korea Chairman Sang-jin Oh was the host of "Hero Show" session at MBN Y Forum and led the forum with celebrities from all walks of life to discuss the secrets of success and the concerns of the youth. The hero show featured mentoring of heroes selected by the 2030 generation. Along with 12 people selected as "Our Heroes" in the fields of global, public, economic, cultural, artistic and sports, other leaders from each field participated as speakers and spent a meaningful time with the youth.

Debate Korea provided operational support at the Y Forum along with being invited as youth organization. 


 Inter-Korean Summit Press Center Operation Support

Debate Korea joined the 2018 Inter-Korean Summit as a member of the main press center (MPC) management staff. The MPC, newly organized to accommodate thousands of journalists and broadcasters to report the Inter-Korean Summit, has been set up in KINTEX, which will also be used as the main venue for the Korea WUDC 2021. 2,850 journalists from 41 countries gathered to the MPC to report the Inter-Korean Summit. All media briefings on the Inter-Korean summit included simultaneous interpretation in nine languages including English, Chinese, Spanish and Arabic.

Debate Korea provided operational support at KINTEX Main Press Center to open a venue for Inter-Korean communication, and participated in the management of reporters, event reporting, and media support.

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