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The world's first Korean language community

By benchmarking Francophonie, a French-speaking international organization, Discover Korea is planning to create a community where overseas Korean speakers get an opportunity to learn Korean in new ways. Due to the spread of the Korean Wave such as K-POP and K-drama, there has been an increasing number of Korean speakers all around the world. We will bring this Korean-speaking population to our community and provide platforms for academic and cultural exchanges. 


Starting in the second half of 2022, along with KOLIC, the Korean community will also be activated. Also, we are planning to host KOLIC as an annual event which can bring members from all over the world every year for academic and cultural exchanges. 


Furthermore, we are planning to host KOLIC not only in Korea but also in other countries to increase accessibility, and expand the community by hosting Korean cultural events customized for each country. Through mutual cultural interactions between the general public at home and abroad via Korean language, we would like to promote communication and exchanges among Korean speaking population through international events.


We will enhance the image and status of Korea by encouraging participation of people who are interested in public diplomacy, domestic foreigners, international students, and Hallyu fans. Korean community is expected to foster Korean speakers along with increasing interest in Korea and become a long-term public diplomacy community.

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