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Q. What is the difference between tournament and workshop?

A.  The workshop will be held for one day on July 21st, and the tournament organizers and referees will have more in-depth and in-depth content. All tournament participants will be able to watch the finals of the Seoul Open competition for Debaters from all over the world before the Cornell Yonsei competition during the workshop on July 21st. also  Skilled Debaters from Cornell University and Yonsei University will continue to conduct workshops on various topics. It is also possible to attend the 21-day daily workshop individually without participating in the competition.

Q. What is the difference with the three registration periods?

A. In order to take into account the total number and size of participants in the preparation of the competition, and to provide benefits to those who apply early, we have divided the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd application periods. The standard is the date when both the application form and deposit are completed.

Q. What is the refund policy?

A. Participation  The participation fee is refundable within the application period. but participate  After the application period  participation fee  No refunds at all. However, if the competition is not held or the date is changed due to special circumstances, a refund is possible. In addition, in the event that the participation fee has been paid but the application for participation is not completed due to the deadline or some applications from the team members, etc., the participation fee will be refunded after the end of the competition.

Q. How does the EFL process work?

A. Participants who meet the conditions of EFL speaker in the competition rules can apply for EFL status by submitting their immigration certificate by e-mail. Since EFL is an individual condition, it does not matter how many EFL Speakers a team has. There are no EFL finals, only individual Speaker Award winners.

Q. Can observers (parents, teachers, etc.) view the competition?

A. Outsiders, except for the participants and the management team, can watch the finals and closing ceremonies held at KINTEX.

Q. Can I stay overnight?

A. For students who need accommodation for reasons such as participating in the region, please contact the organizer individually and we will provide accommodation. When you deposit the same price as overseas participants, you will be informed of where you will be staying with the overseas participating teams.

Q. Can I participate as a referee or management team?

A. If you are interested in applying to participate in the referee, please contact and we will guide you in detail.

Q. How can I ask any other questions?

A. Email - or contact KakaoTalk Plus friend @cornellyonsei or @cornell-Yonsei

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