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Change the world with Debate Korea
We are waiting for you enthusiastically.

Reinforcement of competence as a communicative talent who can think creatively and logically;

Growth of global talent through international exchange,

Running a global leader community of college students around the world.

​📌 Debate Korea

✔️ Debate Korea, a non-profit organization, is a subsidiary of Discover Korea. Together, we are working to create an open community where leaders with forward thinking can communicate with each other.

✔️ We are working with major universities and institutions such as the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the National Assembly, Gyeonggi Province, Yonsei University, the Military Academy, and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, led by the broadcaster Sangjin Oh.

✔️ Those who want to do at least one meaningful activity after entering college, those who want to have a cool and enjoyable college life, can experience more than anything they can imagine at Debate Korea. Please share this precious opportunity to plan, operate, and even market the 1st World Korean Debate Contest that does not yet exist in the world with your own hands!


Rediscovery of oneself · Rediscovery of Korea · Global talent · Community consciousness · Communication and discussion

We are conducting various activities based on five missions!


✔️ <World Korean Debate Contest (KOLIC)> Planning and Operation

▪️ The World Korean Debate Contest, which was scheduled to be held in October last year, but was temporarily postponed due to COVID-19, will be held at the end of December this year.

▪️ You will have the opportunity to directly participate in the planning and operation of the overall event.

▪️ You will be given the opportunity to directly communicate and collaborate with various government agencies, companies, and related organizations in close relationships.


✔️Cultural exchange events and programs related to Korea and Hallyu

▪️ We support international exchange events for foreigners participating in the World Korean Debate Contest, and strive to view Korea and the Korean Wave from a new perspective.

▪️ You will plan and participate in various cultural exchange events of the World Korean Debate Contest.

​📌 Eligibility

✔️️ Undergraduate and graduate students attending university (including leave of absence and graduates)

✔️ Those who are interested in Hallyu, such as promoting Korean culture and cultural tourism

✔️️ Those who wish to see Korea and Korean culture from a new perspective beyond the existing 'Korean Wave'

✔️️ Those who can continue to work for 6 months with leadership and responsibility

✔️ Those who are interested in external cooperation with government agencies and major companies such as government offices and local governments

​📌 Field of application

✔️ PR team

▪️ Recruitment of contest participants and contact related communities

▪️ SNS management

▪️ Marketing such as on/offline PR planning



▪️ The 1st World Korean Debate Competition Visual Branding

▪️ Production of posters/goods/banners, etc.

▪️ Video planning and editing

▪️ Modify and manage website


✔️ Content Planning Team

▪️ Event content planning

▪️ Planned cultural exchange events for participants and domestic university students


✔️ External Cooperation Team

▪️ External cooperation with government agencies and companies

▪️ Write a proposal and join a meeting

📌 ​Preferences

✔️ Those who have experience in event management, such as international event planning and management experience

✔️ Those with video editing, photoshop, illustration, and Microsoft (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) skills

✔️️ Those who have experience in supporters of other organizations, companies, etc.

✔️️ Those who are active on social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and blogs

📌 Recruitment period

✔️ Document Submission: June 29, 2022 (Wednesday) ~ July 20, 2022 (Wednesday) 23:59

✔️ Announcement of successful applicants: July 22, 2022 (Fri) (Only those who have passed the documents will be notified individually)

✔️ Interview Schedule: July 27 (Wed) ~ July 28 (Thu). The interview will be conducted offline.

✔️ Interview location: Debate Korea office near Seocho Station on Line 2

✔️ Announcement of finalists: July 29 (Fri)

📌 Working Period

✔️ From August 2, 2022 to the end of January 2023. Please be with us responsibly for 6 months.

✔️ Based on work 5 days a week.

​📌 Main Activities

✔️ Office Location: Debate Korea office near Seocho Station on Line 2

📌 Intern Benefits

✔️ Internship confirmation certificate under the name of Sangjin Oh, chairman of Discover Korea

✔️ Provide food/transportation expenses

✔️ Providing hands-on experience opportunities

✔️ Experience in planning and operating <World Korean Debate Contest>

✔️ Cooperation with government agencies and major companies such as the National Assembly

✔️ Room and board provided during the event

📌 How to Apply

✔️ Please download the application form from the link below.

✔️ After converting the application form to a PDF file, save it as 'Deco 7th_Hong Gil-dong (name)' and send it to by 23:59 on July 20th .

​📌 Debate Korea activity review

📌 FAQ 🙋‍♂️

Q. So far, I know that Debate Korea has chosen external activity jockeys, but is this time only recruiting interns?

A. In the future, we plan to recruit field staff for the 8th external activities and the World Korean Debate Contest.


Q. Do you work from home?

A. I think the endemic era is coming and we are entering a period of stability from COVID-19. Due to the nature of event planning, there are many tasks that need to be done together through cooperation.


Q. Can I apply even if I do not have discussion experience?

A. We have held many discussion events, and although the World Korean Debate Contest we plan is a discussion contest, it doesn't matter if you have any discussion experience! There are many tasks that are separate from the discussion experience, such as planning cultural exchange events and incidental events, and on-site operation, so please do not worry and apply!


Q. Will I only work on the team I applied for for 6 months?

A. No! Debate Korea aims for growth through various experiences! We will assign the first job to the team that applied as much as possible, but you will be able to experience various jobs outside of the field you applied for during your working period.

📌 Want to learn more about Debate Korea? 🔎

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Think, Debate, Change

We are looking for passionate people to join us.🙋🏻‍♂️

If you have any questions regarding the recruitment of the 7th DICO, please contact us by e-mail.


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