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Debate Korea Open (former Seoul Open)

Debate Korea Open (former Seoul Open) is the largest international  debate competition in Korea in british parliamentary format. Debate Korea Open was hosted at KINTEX, the largest convention center in the country. Participants were provided accommodation at Sono Calm Goyang, a five-star hotel located 10 minutes away from the convention center.

AirAsia, Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Ministry of Education, Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee, the National Pension Service, PLAN International, Red Bull, Korea Tourism Organization, Gyeonggi Tourism Organization,

Goyang Convention & Visitors Bureau, etc has sponsored Debate Korea Open.

Dan Lahav, the chief adjudicator of Korea WUDC 2021 and Seokho Yoon, the convenor of DKO, served as the co-chief adjudicator of 2018 Seoul Open. Steph White, the deputy chief adjudicator of Cape Town WUDC 2019, Kyungmi Lee, the finalist of the WUDC ESL, and Sajid Khandaker, the ABP champion,  served as the deputy chief adjudicator panel. Since then, many prominent debaters have served as judges at the 2019 Debate Korea Open, including Jasmine Ho, the deputy chief adjudicator for Thailand WUDC 2020, and Sooyoung Park, the deputy chief adjudicator for Korea WUDC 2021.

100 teams from more than 20 countries joined the international stage with the common interest in “debate” where logic and touching intersected with each other. The 2017 and 2018 champion of this competition won the AirAsia-sponsored Maldives Travel Ticket, and the 2019 champion won the Malaysia Travel Ticket.

Debate Korea Open will continue to provide a high-quality debate platform to both domestic and foreign participants, while also striving to solidify the identity of Korea and Seoul on the international debate stage.

Please stay tuned for the upcoming Debate Korea Open!

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