Past Tournaments


Past Motions

2017 Motions

Round 1-Education

THR the dominant narrative that college is the only path to success

TH, as South Korea, will get rid of "junsi" system

THW get rid of specialized high schools

Round 2- Nation

THW suspend labor protection laws in times of economic unrest

THW not allow extremely poor nations to host international sporting events

THS historically oppressed nations embracing and promoting inaccurate but positive myths or beliefs about their culture

Round 3- Religion

THW Ban Religious leaders from running for elected office

THW prefer a world without religion

THW only give tax exempt status to religious institutions that place women in teaching and leadership positions.

Round 4- Media

THW prohibit the media from reporting on the mental illness of those accused of crimes

THR the media's demonization of drug users in South Korea

THBT media organizations should not explicitly endorse political candidates in elections

Round 5-Democracy

THBT revolutionary leaders in newly formed democracies should not be allowed to run for office

THW require individuals to pass a general political knowledge test in order to vote.

THW make voting compulsory

Round 6- Econ

THR the progressive tax system (INFO SLIDE)

THW cap the maximum income of CEOs proportionate to the income of the least paid employee

THBT developing countries should not rely on multinational corporations as their primary means of development


<High school>

Quarterfinals - CJS

Assuming it is possible to know when a prisoner is fully rehabilitated, THW release the prisoners as soon as they are completely rehabilitated regardless of their crimes

In areas where governments have failed to protect women from sexual crimes, THS all-women groups enacting vigilante justice

In post conflict societies THBT revolutionary leaders who bid for peace should be exonerated for crimes committed during the revolution

Semifinals - IR

THW not engage in peace talks with terrorist organizations

THBT developing countries do not have a moral obligation to accept refugees

Grand Finals

motion: TH, as the doctor, would allow Margo to die

Info slide: Margo is a patient who has dementia. Before experiencing dementia, Margo signed an advanced directive stating that her doctors should allow her to die should she become ill. Margo, while experiencing dementia contracts pneumonia and wishes to be treated. There is a high possibility of her living if she were to be treated. If the doctors follow her advanced directive, they will make her comfortable and will allow her to die in a painless manner.

TH prefers a world where the concept of race does not exist

TH prefers a world without the human competitive spirit


<Middle School>


THW ban plea bargains

THW not disclose criminal records to potential employers

THW allow family members to forcefully admit drug addicts into rehabilitation centers


THR the narrative that hard work pays off

THW abolish mandatory military service in South Korea

THR social movements emphasis on peaceful protests


THBT humanity would be better off continuing its existence through immortality rather than reproduction

Assuming a pill exists that would significantly lower iq but guarantees a state of constant contentment, TH would take the pill

While running away after kidnapping a child, the kidnapper gets into a car accident and both the child and the kidnapper is brought to the hospital. Upon your professional judgement as a doctor, the kidnapper has a higher chance of living. There is time and resource for only one surgery to be operated. TH, as the doctor will perform surgery on the kidnapper

2016 Motions

Round 1 – Media

THBT media should show full horror of war.

THW ban media from reporting racial, ethnic, religious background of convicted criminals.

TH regrets the rise of citizen-participatory journalism.

Round 2 – Religion

THW ban religion-based rehabilitation in prison

THW ban proselytization in public places

TH regrets the concept of afterlife in religion

Round 3 – Education

TH regrets the glorification of territorial expansion in history education

TH regrets the emphasis on abstinence in sex education

THW lower the voting age

Round 4 – Minority

TH regrets the portrayal of homosexuals in Korean mainstream media.

THBT feminist movements should actively invite male support.

THS Kopino right activists revealing personal information (i.e. name, pictures) of their Korean biological fathers online in order to find them.

Round 5 – Art and Culture

THW ban bookstores from displaying best-selling books and publicizing the lists

THW ban naturalized sports players with no prior connections to the country from playing in national teams at international sporting games

THW forcibly return all artifacts to the country of origin

Round 6 – Politics

THBT all political parties should hold open primary.

THR Korea’s decision to participate in the Vietnam War

THBT regional representatives should abdicate if they change their political party affiliations

Pre-Semifinals – International Relations

THBT China should sanction North Korea

TH regrets Western states’ military intervention in battle against IS

TH as Greece would exit Eurozone

Semifinals – Development/Economy

THW allow child labor in developing nations, conditional on companies providing minimum educational opportunity to the children.

THBT environmental policies, such as carbon dioxide emission regulation, should be made by panels of experts and environmentalists rather than by MPs.

THW allow citizens to opt out for National Pension Service.

Grand Finals – Criminal Justice

THW elect judges

THW allow single parents to raise their children behind the bar

THW sentence minors above the age of 14 same as adults in Korea

2015 Motions


THW eliminate standardized tests in favor of other kinds of assessments (i.e. essays, portfolios of student work, projects, etc.)

THW separate students based on academic ability and intelligence starting in the first three years of formal education.

THW aggressively integrate men and women in all levels of education. (primary, secondary and university-level)


THBT states should significantly increase their use of nuclear energy

THW significantly increase efforts to find and colonize hospitable planets rather than attempt to prevent climate change

THW make the directors of Multinational Corporations personally liable for environmental abuses committed by their companies in the developing countries.

Round 3: FAMILY

THW legally require families to care for their elderly parents.

TH, as South Korea, would greatly incentivize domestic adoption.

THW prosecute parents who deny modern medical treatment to their children based on religious belief.


THW allow those sentenced to life in prison without parole to choose the death penalty instead.

THW allow the public to pardon citizens who reveal crimes committed by the state via referendum.

THBT attempts to avoid military conscription should be punished with loss of citizenship.


TH, as feminists, would join the army.

TH regrets men taking an active role in feminism.

THW tax the income of women at a lower rate than that of men.


THBT the Supreme Court should have the power to abolish political parties.

THW make voting mandatory.

THBT the resignations of politicians after national tragedies do more harm than good.

Quarterfinals: MINORITIES

THS “slum tourism”.

THBT states should pay reparations to those who have faced systematic discrimination.

THBT the state should radically redistribute wealth through taxation.


THBT internet service providers should be allowed to charge content providers for faster internet lanes.

THW ban advertisements of chaebol owned products, which use nationalistic sentiments as a strategy.

THBT chaebols have a moral obligation to severely limit their expansion into business sectors predominantly enjoyed by SMEs.

Grand Finals: KOREA

TH, as South Korea, would give up all ambitions to re-unify the Korean Peninsula

TH, as South Korea, would ban private organizations from dropping leaflets in North Korea

TH, as South Korea, would try cases of abuse in the military in civil courts, as opposed to military courts

2014 Motions

Round 1 – Religion

This house welcomes the rise of Atheism

This house regrets “virgin” Mary

This house would ban preaching of religion in public space

Round 2 – Economics

This house, as South Korea, believes that development is more important than redistribution.

This house believes that the governments of developing countries should prefer the strategy of prioritizing certain regions to that of balanced development.

This house believes that authoritarian regimes are better than democratic governments when it comes to development.

Round 3 – Crime and Justice

This hosue, as a democratic government, believes that it is better to actively conduct surveillance over its citizens than to expose them to other dangers.

This house believes that court sentencing should take public sentiments into account.

This hosue would punish bystanders of school bullying.

Quarterfinals – International Relations

This house, as South Korea, would support unilateral military intervention conducted by the United States of America.

This house, as South Korea, prefer PRC over the USA as the partner in solving North Korean nuclear crisis.

This house, as South Korea, would give up all reunification ambitions.

Semifinals – Politics

This house celebrates the phenomenon of NIMBY.

This house regrets the rise of political expression by youth.

This house celebrates the rise of far-rightists’ web sites.

Finals – Morality

This house would ban abortion at all stages


Past Results


2017 Results

CHAMPION – 국회 교육문화체육관광위원회 위원장상

SIS 1 – Shin Da Won, Nam Jeongyeon, Lee Yoonsuh

Invictus – Yoomin Lee, Yeejune Hwang, Yoona Kim


Myungduk 1 – Gaeun Park, Yunjeong Lim, Yena Kim

Lucid – Nam Yee Hyun, Jung Hyun Woo, Jun Lee

SEMIFINALISTS – 디베이트코리아 사무총장상

Sema 1 - Min Song, Sunghyun Park, Doyeon Kim

KMLA 1 - Seungyun Lee, Oh Yoonjin, Jaeho Kim

Iridescent - Cho Minsuh, Shin Ye-Jin, Choi Joonho

Daliday - Jeong Ryeowon, Daeun Yoo, Seyeon Yoon


Gwacheon 2 – Ryu Ho Jun, Hayun Cho Lee, Yesong Jung

Dalton 1 – Seong Min Lee, Woobin Yang, Qree Noh

Covalent Bond – Jeongwook Choi, Yeonjae Lee, Hyungeun Lee

Q.E.D – Jaejun Lee, Yeoljun Seong, Daeun Seo

Antal – Soobin Ahn, Suhyun Nam, Woonji Jung

Audacia – Yeonsu Park, Dongyeop Kim, Su Lee


<High School>

1. Myungduk - Gaeun Park

2. SIS - Lee Yoonsuh

3.Myungduk - Lim Yoon Jeong

4. Dalton - Seong Min Lee

5. KMLA – Seungyun Lee

6. KMLA - Oh Yoonjin

7. KMLA - Jaeho Kim

8. SIS - Da Won Shin

9. SIS - Jeongyeon Nam

10. Myungduk - Yena Kim

<Middle School>

1. Yeejune Hwang - SIS

2. Shin Yea-Jin - Sangmyung

3. Cho Minsuh - Eojeong

4. Aileen Yoona Kim - SIS

5. Yoomin Lee - Chadwick

6. Woonji Jung - Naejung

7. Jung Hyun Woo - Seokwoo

8. Choi Joonho - Shindong

9. Suhyun Nam - Shinchon

10. Jun Lee - Dover

2016 Results


Hanyoung 1 – Ji Inn Kim, Jun Beom Lee, Ji On Jeong


KMLA 2 – Jihyun Lee, Yejoo Han, Jaewan Park


Gwacheon 1 – Kim Hwi Ho, Kong Yoon Sung, Park Joon Tae
KMLA 1 – Heejin Kim, Hee Choi, Hankyoung Ryou


Branksome 1 –  MinJoo Lee, Sieun Lee, Sueshin Moon
Myungduk 1 – Ho Sun Yoo, Hyun Soo Cho, Seung Ji Park


1. Jun Beom Lee, Hanyoung 1
2. Heejin Kim, KMLA 1
3. Ji On Jeong, KMLA 2
4. Joon Tae Park, Gwacheon 1
5. Hankyoung Ryou, KMLA 1
6. Jihyun Lee, Hanyoung 1
7. Yejoo Han, KMLA 2
8. Jaewan Park, KMLA 2
9. Hee Choi, KMLA 1
10. Hyunsung Park, Daeil 1


1. Sungeun Cho, Daeil 1
2. Whi Ho Kim, Gwacheon 1
3. Jeonghyun Kim, Daeil 1
4. Yeajin Song, Gwacheon 2
5. Seung Yeon Choi, Sangmoon 1


Sunghyun Park, Bora Middle School [Best]
Gyuwon Ha, Arum Middle School
Wonjun Roh, Seoil Middle School
Yeowon Jie, Cheongshim International Academy
Sungwon Hwang, Seoil Middle School
Yuchan Kim, Cheongshim International Academy


1. Joonpyo Sohn – Brown University
2. Joonwoo Kim – Sogang University
3. Inbum Lee – Cornell University
4. Hyerin Kim – Ewha Womans University
5. Sally Kim – Solbridge International School of Business

2015 Results


KMLA 2 – Hanbyol Jang, Soyun Jin, Whiyeon Sung


KMLA 1 – Se Bin Ahn, Jaewon Hwang, Jinwon Park


Hana 1 – Suhyun Lee, Sueyeon Oh, Haneul Kim
Daeil 1 – Jaehyun Oh, Jungmin Lee, Nayeong Suh


Goyang 1 – Soo Eun Lee, Jane Tak, Namgyu Yim
Goyang 2 – Jaeho Kim, Jinhyuk Kim, Inseong Kim
Gwacheon 3 – Jeong SeongAn, Lee JiMin, Jung HyeJoon
Anyang 2 – Kil Ji Ho, Lee Byung Hoon, Ha Min Young


Clara Um, Bulam Middle School
Jungwon Kwon, Duil Middle School
Ha Eun Choi, Seoklim Middle School
Christine Song, Sinbanpo Middle School
Helena Yang, Taejang Middle School


1. Youngjae Park – Korea University
1. Jungmin Yoo – Sogang University
3. Taeyoung Chung – Sogang University
4. Daniel Lee – Kyunghee University
5. Wookjin Kim – Seoul National University

2014 Results


Hanyoung Foreign Language High School


Anyang Foreign Language High School


Korea Minjok Leadership Academy
Gyeonggi Academy of Foreign Languages


Ewha Girl's High School
Chungnam Foreign Language High School